Conceptual design is the first stage of our Design & Engineering services, which includes:

  • Examination of an identified client need
  • Definition of requirements for potential solutions 
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions
  • Development of system specification (e.g. technical requirements and environmental targets)
  • Forecasting of investment costs 

The basic design phase, sometimes referred to as system or high-level design, bridges the gap between the conceptual design and detailed design phases.

The basic design phase includes:

  • definition of overall system configuration 
  • project configuration through layout of schematics and diagrams
  • creation of required performance specification and general framework to build the project on

During this phase, a detailed design of a client’s system is developed, which will serve as a basis for the implementation phase.

The detailed design is based on:

  • the requirements and system specifications
  • input from the previous phases.

This will provide a detailed specification for each system, detailed P&ID and 3D design thoroughly describing their respective interfaces and functions.