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The SideKick offers many of the same features as Hackney’s larger beverage units, including all-aluminum construction, adjustable bay shelving, bottom rail power step, and rear mounted hand truck. Compatible with the Ford Transit 9,950 and 10,360 GVW cab and chassis in either gas or diesel versions, the SideKick can provide over 4,000 lbs. of payload.



The original concept of Dimension project was simple. Deliver a beverage body that drives value directly to our customer’s bottom line by continuously improving features focused on Ergonomics, Durability, Maintenance. The success of the Hackney Dimension trailers and truck bodies have reached across borders to become the most sold beverage body in the world.



The design and concept of the Hackney Dockmaster provides solutions for today’s beverage market and positions you for future change. This solution that combines conventional side bays in the front with a flat, van-type floor in the rear capable of bulk dock loading and unloading. The Dockmaster allows you to carry more product, by not wasting overhead and aisle space.



The Chiller delivers a value driven solution providing insulation to keep your product at the required temperature.  Recommended for short to intermediate routes with nominal door opening needs, the Chiller fully protects your beverage products from freezing in cold, winter climates or sweating during hot summers.

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear refrigerated bays are both insulated / isolated providing maximum temperature controlled conditions. When your environment routinely tops 100 C° or routes require frequent door openings, your product needs an extra boost to keep it at the right temperature. This bays offer flexibility and can be sized to meet your needs.


Bottled Water

Hackney’s bottled water line of bodies continues to lead the industry in design flexibility, durability and safety. Ranging in bay configurations from 4 to 12 bays. To meet the growing demand to carry new drinking water systems and water softeners, Hackney provides bay configurations customized for these needs.