EMS LLC is engaged in supplying carbon steel tanks for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries throughout Armenia. Whether you are looking for storage and processing tanks or pressure vessels in accordance with concrete requirements and application for your project, you can submit your enquiries to us. We will coordinate with our partner companies to supply your desired enquiries.

  • Material: carbon steel
  • Shape: horizontal cylindrical; vertical cylindrical, rectangular
  • Type: above ground; below ground; single wal; double wall
  • Insulation: without insulation; thermal jacket
  • Construction: flat base, leg mounted, tank stand
  • Accessories: ladders, platforms, manways, sight glasses, baffles, internal coils, mixer bridges, spray headers
  • Pressure rate: atmospheric up to 40 bar

Tanks for steel water production Tanks for pharmaceutical production
Tanks for soft drinks production Tanks for alcohol production
Tanks for juices/nectars production Tanks for bear production
Tanks for milk and dairy production Tanks for wine production 
Tanks for confectionery production Pressure vessels & Air receivers